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Using Music To Increase Sales And Engage Your Customers

Have you ever found yourself humming to the song playing in the local supermarket sound system? Do you remember tapping your glass with your finger when listening to your favourite song in the local pub? Did you ever hear a song in the petrol station that reminds you of a happy time or fond memory? The next time you hear your favourite song in the supermarket aisle, think about it. This is not a coincidence, There is method to the madness, philosophy to the music, planning and activation involved.

We have no éar lids, so any music we expose our customers to cannot be turned off. We cannot turn off our ears. you can look away, but you cannot hear away!

Music For Pubs, Restaurants & Hospitality:

When it comes to sound and atmosphere, best practice that is very rare is gastronomy. The vast majority of bars and restaurants are extremely noisy. Obviously, The environment of a pub can be noisy by nature. The hissing coffee machine, the cracking of glassware, the creaking door, the noisy customer. On the plus side, research has shown that customers tend to drink more when loud music is played. Why?. The reason is people tend to speak louder, and tend to spend more time drinking instead of talking. Sounds crazy but it is true! The result is that your customer will have a bad experience within your venue, and this will discourage them from returning in a hurry and decrease the customer loyalty and spend!

On the other hand, a relaxed atmosphere can slow people down. Music played at a controlled volume can greatly enhance the in pub experience for your customer. Using pre defined music playlists, scheduled music genres and tailored categories, customers can spend more time in a pleasant atmosphere and complete their dining experience. Customers can benefit greatly from a quieter, relaxed dining atmosphere.

Music. How Does Music Affect People When Dining?

An interesting study showed that our internal time mechanisms are so deeply affected by music, that we take less bites when slow music is played. The opposite is also true, fast paced music makes customers take faster bites per minute being taken. Music can greatly increase the amount of money customers spend in your venue.

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